SEO And Your Brand

We make your company synonymous with your most valuable keywords (search terms).

When customers search online for your goods and services, we make sure your company comes up again and again at the top of Google's page 1. This has the beneficial side effect of keeping at least one (but usually more) of your competitors off your customers' radar. Complete our

now and we'll show you how to dominate the most valuable online real estate spaces and leave your competitors fighting over the scraps.

Your Online Reputation

Negative posts about your company can seriously damage your brand identity.

A single unfortunately timed poor rating or bad review can be enough to put customers off buying from you.

Online Reputation Management

service will help you recover from - or even benefit from - poor reviews.

We hope to help you while you only need to keep a good reputation, but we are here to help if you need help restoring your good name.

SEO & Digital Marketing Agency

Our Digital Marketing Agency offers a range of services so thorough & comprehensive you can outsource your online marketing to us completely.

We'll help you dominate your local market with "full spectrum" marketing campaigns that leave your competitors with pretty much no chance of outranking you. Fancy it all done for you? Check out our Done-For-You Lead Generation

service and we'll send you new customers without having to touch your existing website!

London SEO Consultant

London SEO

SEO For Local Businesses

Expert SEO, lays the foundation for the online success of any business. In a crowded city like London, that is even more the case.

Among the myriad London SEO Consultants vying for your business, how should you go about choosing who to work with?

Expert SEOs are few and far between, but they are pretty easy to pick out. They rank high on Google for keywords like "City Of London SEO Expert" and variations of that and similar phrases. They also have testimonials from happy customers who have used their SEO services.
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London SMM

Social Media Management

Effective, consistent, timely Social Media Marketing (SMM) will work wonders for your brand recognition and loyalty.

It also goes a long way to helping your long term SEO and general Digital Marketing strategy.

Google essentially looks for 3 main things when deciding which website links to promote: relevance, authority, and engagement.

If your brand has plenty of Social Media engagement, it will help your overall search engine rankings. Get SMM Services

Lead Generation

New Leads Sent Directly To Your Business

Lead generation (Lead Gen) - done right - can be part of an extremely effective marketing strategy.

Lead Gen is a system whereby we build websites and optimise them to rank for your most valuable keywords and then send you the customers who call the phone number on the website or submit their details to us on a form.

Our Lead Gen service is the perfect no risk solution for business owners who are not particulary interested in changing their website structure or content. They want one thing and one thing only: new customers.


Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is one of the most undervalued aspects of digial marketing today.

ORM is rather like insurance: you do not really want to buy it, but when "the fan needs cleaning" you are really glad you have it!

Your reputation is arguably your most valuable asset. Protecting your online reputation is a vital component of any serious marketing strategy.

We will protect yours while your brand is strong, and rescue it if it takes a beating. Get ORM

London SEO Agency

SEO vs Directory Agencies

Unlike Directory Lisiting Agencies, good Digital Marketing Agencies' most prized assets will include in house specialist, expert SEO Consultants.

The Directory Listings companies will tend to prize their advertising sales staff above all others.

Before the rise of the internet, it made sense because directory sites were an irreplaceable aspect of local busines marketing. It's still amusing to see companies who have gone out of their way to get a name starting with "A" or a numeral in order to get to the front of the alphabetical directory listings :).

Should a significant portion of your marketing budget be spent on directory listings in this day and age?
Tell us about your digital marketing goals and we will show you how much more efficiently you can achieve them without spending on directory listings:

Your Digital Marketing Goals

SEO vs Directory Listings

It is self evidently true that you should prioritise cost effective ways of winning new business over out-dated, inefficieent methods.

Unlike Directory Agencies, we will refuse to take money from you if we cannot show you a positive return on investment (ROI).

In order to accurately forecast your ROI from retaining our SEO and Digital Marketing Services, you'll need to know roughly what an average new customer is financially worth to your business over a lifetime. If you need help working this out we are happy to help.

Contact us today to see how you can reduce (or eliminate) your ad spend for directory-type listings and simultaneously increase your customer base.

As London SEO Consultants, we take pride in diverting your competitors' customers directly to your website. Remember, we only work with one client in any given niche, so get in touch today. Take this opportunity to overtake your rivals online.

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Dominate The Search Engines

When your potential customers search for your goods or services in the age of the internet, they will generally do an online search in the hope they DON'T have to tediously trawl through directory listings. Isn't that what you do when you need to find something new?

Savvy business owners are moving with the times and prioritising search engine rankings over directory listings advertising for that reason.

Let us make sure they find you hogging the top spots of Google, Yahoo, and Bing so your customers have no need to turn to directory listings (where you have no advantage over your competitors). Ask yourself:

"How many sales have I made from directory listings this month?"

Get Found On Page 1

Get Found On Page 1

If your customers don't find you when they search online for your goods and services, it's only a matter of time before your business will fail.

The vast majority of online searchers will not venture beyond page one of the search results.

If you're not on page one for your most valuable keywords, you are pretty much invisible as far as your prospective customers are concerned.

Don't let your competition push you off page one. Contact us today to claim your spot in the top positions of page 1.
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Mobile-Friendly Websites

Searches from mobile and other hand-held devices have (as Google predicted) now overtaken searches made from the desktop.

Google gives preference to businesses that serve a Mobile-Friendly versions of their websites to visitors searching from mobile phones. Google penalises websites that are not Mobile-Friendly.

Make no mistake, some of your competitors have already upgraded their websites to Mobile-Friendly versions.

Can you afford NOT to have one? Fill in our clarity form and let us help you upgrade your website today. Get Ahead Today

Multi Screen Websites

Providing a good user experience on laptops, notebooks, and tablets (iPads etc) is vital if your target audience typically use these devices to surf online.

These devices are becoming more and more popular in part because they can provide greater privacy than a desktop computer in an open plan office or living room.

It is now easily affordable to have a Multi-Screen Website displaying perfectly across all common devices including laptops and tablets.

Contact us today for more details.

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Cost Vs ROI

Is it expensive to use Patrick Robinson's expert SEO services? No.

All our services are based on the premise that you, the customer, will see measurable results from month 1.

Also, we work on the basis that you will have apositive return on investment (ROI) within agreed upon timescales as dictated by your particular requirements.

Any project we undertake for you will result in you raking in many times whatever you pay us in fees. Contact us today for more details.

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London Digital Marketing Agency

SEO For More Sales

We Turn the Desktop and Mobile Search Engines Into Your 24/7 Sales Machines

Hundreds of customers are searching online for your services right now. According to Google, searches from mobile devices have now surpassed searches from the desktop.

On April 21st 2015 Google warned all website owners that if not mobile-friendly, their websites would suffer a drop in rankings.Google followed through on that warning.

Our Mobile-Friendly Website Conversion Service is an ideal solution for you if you want to avoid losing / start regaining your place in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Patrick Robinson's City Of London Mobile-Friendly SEO Service is based on industry standard best practices. This means your site will never get penalised by Google as a result of the work we do for you.

Whether you are based in Central London (The City of London / London's West End) or elsewhere in the UK, as London SEO experts Patrick Robinson Consulting has the ability to help turn the desktop and mobile search engines into your silent sales machines.

You need to make your potential customers find you before they find your competitors. Patrick Robinson is the SEO expert that will ensure you "get found on page one" ahead of your competition on all devices (desktop & mobile).

Once your visitors find your website from their mobile phones, your custom made Mobile-Friendly site will ensure they can easily navigate your site. They won't have to 'pinch zoom' to find basic information. They won't be constantly clicking on wrong links because there will be enough space between your links. They won't have to be continually hitting the 'back button' to start over again.

Put simply, your visitors will be much more likely to stay on your site and BUY from you! These are some of the benefits you will have over your competitors who just do the absolute minimum to scrape through the the Google Mobile-Friendly test.

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SEO For More Authority

Become An Authority in Your Local Niche - Absolutely Own Your Local Market!

If you show up in the top spots for all your relevant keywords (search terms), you inevitably become an authority figure in your local niche. The more keywords you claim top spots for, the fewer opportunities there are for your competitors to get found on the coveted first page.

A consistent stumbling block for many small and medium sized business owners is knowing precisely which keywords to target.

Unlike many large corporate companies with vast marketing budgets, smaller businesses need to be more like snipers than machine gunners when choosing target keywords.

All too often we see business owners going after keywords that are far too broad, far too competitive and worse still have no buyer intent. That's fine for multi-national corporates with deep pockets who just want 'branding'. But, for a small business owner, it could quite literally mean the difference between solvency and insolvency.

We help our clients uncover the keywords that will bring them ideal customers; ready to buy now, or at least wanting the final piece of information that will make them ready to buy.

Dominating the top spots of the search engine results for the right keywords will boost your business exponentially, but that is not the whole strategy.

Well planned Social Media Marketing campaigns (another component of good marketing strategy) will ensure your business shows up pretty much anywhere your customers (and your competitors' customers) gather online. That builds trust. Trust builds sales. Take full advantage of our services today. They go way beyond traditional SEO. They can be better described as Search Engine Marketing.

We use expert SEO techniques as a foundation for a complete digital marketing package that can take you from where you are now, to becoming the eight hundred pound gorilla of your niche! Click the button below to start your transition...
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