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This is your chance to own a state-of-the-art website, guaranteed to make a great first impression on your prospective new customers.


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Why Am I Giving Away
Premium Websites?

Simple. I’m sick and tired of seeing hard-working small business owners getting over charged and underserved by big corporations.

Yes, I’ve seen the pathetic websites the big ‘directory sites’ sell to small businesses. Some of these plain Jane websites look as bland as heck on a Desktop computer. But, on a mobile phone they look even worse. Why is that bad? Because most of your prospective new customers use their mobile phones to search for new products & services - LIKE YOURS. Can you afford to give them a poor first impression?

As if the websites were not a bad enough deal, these big companies take the absolute Mick with their add-on services. What do I mean? I mean selling small business owners ‘Promotional Videos’ at a premium price which are simply VERY low-end slide shows! This heartless exploitation makes my blood boil. I give my customers access to PREMIUM promo videos at a fraction of the cost!

My competitors think I’m nuts, but I made a decision and I won’t go back on it: I will give a FREE, beautiful, modern website to any business owner who wants to escape the clutches of the greedy, overcharging, directory companies.

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Here Are The Most Common Roadblocks
Frustrating Small Business Owners
Who Need Websites

  • Upfront cost
  • Design choice (overwhelm OR underwhelm)
  • Technical challenges
  • Updating content
  • Social media integration
  • Day-to-day maintenance
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Well This Service
Completely Destroys
Those Frustrations!

  • These websites are FREE of charge
  • The well-proven main design is already in place. You just choose your colour scheme - that’s it!
  • I handle the technical challenges so you don’t have to
  • You send me the content and I’ll update your site without breaking or spoiling the design
  • I’ll integrate your social media platforms for you
  • I’ll handle the site’s maintenance
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Okay Pat, this offer looks too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no ‘catch’. I just need to host and maintain your new site. You see, all websites have to be hosted somewhere. That’s a just a fancy way of saying websites live on remote computers which are always on and connected to the internet. Now, in order for me to guarantee all the promises above I need to provide the whole package including hosting.

The good news is that I keep these charges to an absolute minimum. A negligible cost for any solvent small business.

For everything mentioned above, including the cutting edge design, social media integration, content updates, and stress free ownership… you just pay a measly £30 per month - that’s right - less than the cost of your mobile phone!

Just click the link in the description, and fill in your details.

I’ll check your eligibility and get back to you either way.

I sincerely hope that YOU qualify for this outstanding opportunity. 🙂

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If you don’t take this opportunity now, you’ll be stuck with either no website at all, or an overpriced one that sucks on a mobile phone. Either way, you lose. Where’s the sense in not taking action now?

If you take action and secure your FREE website now, you’ll also qualify for discounted services designed to get more customers to your website and through your door.

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